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Drum, Pakhawaj in medium dark mahogany wood


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Diameter cm.21
Height cm.30

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The pakhawaja (Hindi: पखावज) or mridang (Sanskrit: मृदङ्ग) is an Indian barrel-shaped, two-headed drum,[1] a variant and descendant of the older mridang.

It is the standard percussion instrument in the dhrupad style and is widely used as an accompaniment for various forms of music and dance performances. The pakhavaja has a low, mellow tone, very rich in harmonics. Set horizontally on a cushion in front of the drummer's crossed leg, the larger bass-skin is played with the left hand, the treble skin by the right hand. The bass face is smeared with wet wheat dough which acts as the kiran and is the cause of the vivid bass sound the pakhavaja produces.


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Drum, Pakhawaj in medium dark mahogany wood

Drum, Pakhawaj in medium dark mahogany wood

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