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dragon basilisk


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Prodotti in argento 925/000

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Width mm.mm. 21
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The Dragon is not God nor the devil, but , according to Celtic mythology , is the subterranean forces and powers of the earth and the deep waters, hidden and regenerative life .
The wings are the symbol of his dominion over the air and on the esoteric and psychic forces that come from the spiritual realm .
It has the power of fire , and with his breath hot, burning impurities.
It can be approached only by the hero who is purified after facing a series of trials and represents the goal of inner growth : the perfect knowledge of the spiritual world and the material world , and Beyond Middle Earth , according to the Celts .
By forces controlled by the " Bones of the Dragon" were traced some of the powers of the druids : the control on the ground and fog, the intermediate state between water and heat , very breath of the dragon that oozes from the ground ; the fog that confuses and immobilizes the enemy.
The Dragon is a hybrid monster that invests all the territories of the imagination , arises from chaos , the light comes out from the depths of the earth and the deep waters, and is installed on the peaks or valleys isolated and hidden , and the ancient castles, to dominate fears and hopes of man.
The Dragon is basically a Guardian.
With the progressive alienation of spirituality by the forces of Nature, and the institutionalized religion be established , as opposed to the natural primordial religion , the dragon is identified with evil , losing the true meaning which originally possessed .

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dragon basilisk

dragon basilisk

Prodotti in argento 925/000

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