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Pendant Hammer of Thor Silver 925/000


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Pendant Hammer of Thor Silver 925/000

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The magical war hammer Mjollnir was donated to Asi from Nani. According to the myth told in Skáldskaparmál of Snorri Sturluson, the god Loki had made a bet with the Nano Brokkr claiming that his brother, the blacksmith Eitri, was not capable of producing artifacts prodigious as those produced by the Sons of Ivaldi, another lineage of Nani known to have forged the magic spear Hrungnir.
The magical powers of Mjöllnir were:
the ability to crush anything you had saved before;
the ability to go back in the hands of the one who was brandishing, after it launched (a feature, this, also found in another magic weapon of the Indo-European tradition: the Sanskrit Vajra);
the ability to shrink until it became the jewel in a necklace fits easily under his shirt;
the ability to raise the dead.
Mjöllnir had a huge destructive potential and was symbolically associated with lightning. Only Thor and his son, Magni, they were able to lift it. The story of how Thor came into possession of Mjöllnir Thorsdrapa is narrated in the poem of the twelfth century.
To handle this weapon formidable, even a god like Thor needed special iron gloves forged by the dwarves. Thor also possessed a special magic belt that doubled his divine power (and ergo also to Mjöllnir) when worn. The impact of Mjöllnir caused powerful thunderclaps, and the name of this deity comes the word "thunder" in many Germanic languages (Old Norse, "Þórr" means "thunder").
Thor with his hammer lingered in his favorite sport: kill the giants. The majority of the surviving myths of Thor on businesses and inscriptions on monuments, indicating that Thor was one of the favorites of the ancient Scandinavians.
In Trymskvida, the lightest and most fun adventure of Thor, the giant Thrym secretly steals Mjöllnir to God and asks in exchange for the beautiful Freyja.
The importance of Mjöllnir, lethal weapon at a time and fruiting, is such that the sons of Thor, Modi and Magni, can not part with it. Thus, the death of his father, perished in Ragnarok with his nemesis, the Miðgarðsormr, the two gods inherit the magic hammer and will not let the side of Thor in his funeral.


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Pendant Hammer of Thor Silver 925/000

Pendant Hammer of Thor Silver 925/000

Pendant Hammer of Thor Silver 925/000

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