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Silver Ring, Tree of Life

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silver ring (tree of life)

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The Tree of Life
The tree is a symbol of mythological, religious and esoteric most important since the ancient civilizations.

From the biblical Tree of Life to the words of Black Elk, the mystic Sioux who is at the center of the circle of the world, the tree is a universal image and archetypal, a powerful symbol that lives and multiplies in the space and in time, in an infinite variety of shapes.

The Tree of Life, between its symbolism, is the synthesis of the most famous and important teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah. It is a diagram consisting of ten entities, called Sefirot, arranged along three parallel vertical pillars: three on the left, three on the right and four in the center.

The three pillars of the Tree of Life correspond to the three-way that every human being has before: Love (right), the Force (left), and Compassion (center). Only the middle way, also called "royal road", has in it the ability to unify opposites.

Without the central pillar, the Tree of Life becomes that of the knowledge of good and evil (the Bible). The pillars left and right also represent the two basic polarity of all reality: the male and the female on the right to the left, from which flow all other pairs of opposites present in creation.
The path leading to the Tree is guarded by a pair of cherubs, two angels armed with a flaming sword, which possess one a male face and the other a female face. They represent the two fundamental polarities of existence, as well as express themselves on the higher planes of consciousness.
This symbolism is very close to the work of the psychotherapist.
Compassion, from cum-Passus, indicates the ability to participate in the pain of others with love and detachment. If we are in tune with our heart, if we had the strength to pity ourselves for our weaknesses and miseries then we can really help someone else, because we are free from judgment.

An ancient legend introduces another essential for a psychotherapist: the yield, which for the bioenergetics is a surrender to the body.

It is said that a Japanese doctor, Shirobei Akyama, after studying the fighting techniques and traditional Chinese medicine not having obtained the desired result, he went into the temple of meditation Daifazu, where he remained for more than 100 days for help to the god Tayunin.

One of those 100 days, there was a heavy snowfall. All this snow had managed to break the branches of the trees more robust leaving them bare. Only one tree was left intact. A tree from the flexible branches. A willow! Whenever too much snow threatened to break these flexible branches they flexed and let the snow fall so they can take charge of new weights.

The doctor learned from this episode, the concept of non-resistance, leading to compliance.

The significance of this legend is very deep.

The willow is the Chinese symbol of immortality, such as oak for ancient Rome and the Golden Bough for Celtic.

Assume that the soul of our body, or our hearts; that same heart that found awakens us the gift of compassion; is immortal. Can we do anything to hide the essence of our heart, but we can not change it.

Even if we never enter into contact with our center, it is present and does not lose its identity that energy is a powerful light.

Contact with our heart allows us to put in dialogue heaven and earth. Willow takes the gifts from soft sky, snowflakes, and through its trunk-body, presented them to the ground.

Symbol of life evolving, ascending to the sky, the tree evokes in this sense the symbolism of verticality. Simultaneously represents the cyclical nature of cosmic evolution, death and regeneration.
The shaft connects the three levels of the cosmos: the underground, for the roots that dig the depth in which they sink, the surface of the earth, for the trunk and the branches and finally the skies for the upper branches and the top drawn from sunlight.

The scholars of religions speak of the cosmic axis of the world.

The implications cosmic tree, which column and axis of the world, they come back to say, in fantasies and dreams of modern man, the need to retrieve the size archetypal that dwell in us.

The tree then becomes, for man, tool contact with life; with the essence of life that is there in our totality.

Be putting in dialogue heaven and earth, mascile and feminine, light and shadow, mind and body is the 'essence of Bioenergetics.

"We human beings are like trees: rooted to the ground with one end, reaching for the sky with the other, and the more we can reach out as strong are our earthly roots. If you uproot a tree the leaves die; if we eradicate a person, his spirituality becomes a 'lifeless abstraction. " (Alexander Lowen)

Here's our roots give us life, liberty and free, in a word we say!


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Silver Ring, Tree of Life

Silver Ring, Tree of Life

silver ring (tree of life)


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